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As the number of connected devices consumers use grows, so too must the digital presence of brands. In the age of the connected consumer brands must now operate seamlessly across numerous platforms and aim to deliver useful, personalized experiences.

The State of Digital Product Survey analyses where the product, UX design and marketing communities are currently prioritising and what areas they have identified as crucial to their growth.

We’ve just published our in-depth, research-led whitepaper on the state of digital product, based on feedback from over 1000 product, UX design and marketing executives.

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Gain insights from over 1000 senior product leaders on:

  • How to operate an effective digital strategy across multiple platforms for the connected consumer and an in-depth breakdown of what devices brands are currently operating across.

  • How to drive customer engagement and integrate new technologies into your digital strategy.

  • Innovative ways to market to digital customers in an increasingly fragmented landscape and the top challenges facing engagement teams in the current environment.

  • The advantages of Artificial Intelligence and how this is being applied to tailor experiences throughout the customer journey. Find out what over 40% of participants rated as their main use of AI technology.

  • Maximizing performance of design teams in formulating a seamless user experience and frictionless customer journey

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2018 State of Digital Product Report
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