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Customer Service leaders are faced with an increasing pressure to support a rising number of customers more quickly whilst maintaining a personal approach. Incite Group wants to get to the bottom of where exactly CS leaders are spending their time and money, and what should be on your priority list for 2018.

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Gain direct insight from 500 support leaders on personalisation, self-service, AI and Chatbots, Scaling, social support and more

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  1. The biggest issues for in-house customer service leaders in 2018: Such as, why over half of respondents put understanding their customers as their greatest challenge

  2. Priorities for 2018 and beyond: Where customer service executives are spending their budget, and where they’re looking to invest in the next 6-12 months

  3. Benchmark yourself against the competition: Find out in order which topics are deemed essential for 2018 – and what is being researched for the future

  4. Personalised, Proactive or Effortless? Find out how brands are creating outstanding service for 2018 and why self-service is on the rise

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Benchmark against 500+ Customer Service Leaders: 2018 State of Customer Service Whitepaper
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