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Join 500+ senior figures leading the way in digital product, user experience and engagement in the age of connected customer.

With consumers using multiple devices, brands now need to manage their digital product strategy and operate seamlessly across the entire digital ecosystem. Creating consistent and personalized experiences through digital product is crucial to any brands future success.

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The Industry’s Chosen Themes for 2018

  • Open Product in the Age of the Connected Consumer: The number of connected devices that consumers use has increased and now includes numerous devices such as tablets, mobile phones, desktop, conversational interfaces and wearables. Consumers are more informed than ever, with more available options, and want a seamless connected experience across their whole interaction with a brand. Find out how to meet their expectations.
  • Delivering Seamless, Personalized Experiences: As the digital landscape evolves it is crucial that brands offer personalized and useful experiences and interactions to their consumers. Artificial intelligence is enabling brands to move their digital strategy and personalization efforts to a whole new level.
  • Integration of New Technology into Digital Strategy: With a huge shift in the way people interact with brands and the devices they do so changing it is critical to evaluate new technologies. Voice assistants and immersive technology are just some of the technologies entering and disrupting the current scene.
  • Engaging Consumers in a Fragmented Landscape: As the roles of traditional marketing merge with the overall objectives of product teams the focus is now firmly on customer engagement. From acquisition through to retention brands need to discover new ways to keep the connected consumer engaged and drive growth.

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Globally Renowned Speakers for America’s Biggest Brands

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