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The Incite Brand Marketing Summit 2018 (October 2018, NYC) is the most influential brand-focused marketing conference in the USA.

Join 400+ in-house brand marketers who are ready to collaborate on cutting edge marketing strategy. Cut through the noise with seamless, consistent and impactful interactions that truly impress your customer and build relationships.

5 in-depth discussions include:
  • Content & Storytelling: Cut-through the noise with targeted, persona driven creative messaging

  • Personalization & Experience: Unlock the potential of data, listen to consumer behavior and target unmet needs

  • Omnichannel integration: Connect offline and online activity, internal teams and touchpoints for a seamless customer experience

  • Attribution and Insights: Measure your performance and analyze data to determine content, channel and sales impact beyond last click

  • *NEW FOR 2018* Social Media Marketing Dedicated Stream: Keep ahead of the constant online changes and challenges - learn the latest social developments, innovative new ways and start thinking ahead of your competition
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2017 Speakers Include:


Real Engagement in the Age of Personalization

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